‘Invention at its best’ is pure Art,

From 1968 working with plate by means of jigsaw, photochemical etching, laser cutting, water jets, CNC milling but also 3d prints from powder.
The use of machines and devices has always been the foundation of my designs, and computers have been a part of it since 1978.
The designs are sublimated technical constructions, game and puzzle like, the designs are ideers often loose parts with a "keystone".
The material resilience is the starting point constantly evaluating and in limited editions


1951 Amsterdam
1961 "Utility school for visual expression" Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
1963 LTS (hoof) blacksmithing, sheet metal work, electrical engineering, instrument maker, goldsmiths.
1967 Rietveld Academy Amsterdam industrial design.
This was not the success I had expected, because of Naijver between the design teacher and the conservation goldsmiths.
1971 jewelery, mostly applied miniatures and commissions
1973 Project "Gasbas" in collaboration with Peter Schat and Floris Guntenaar.
1974 parts for Luud Schimmelpenck's Witkar.
1975 Parts Laser show "Genesis" by order of Theo Botschuiver.
1977 LeoMat is founded with Mathijs Theunissen van Manen.
1982 SFX film and theater
2002 CNC and 3D Jewelry
2004 fountain Belverdere Heerenveen
2016 Altar, Ambo and Doopfont Okkn Groningen
Exhibitions in:
Gallery Ra, Amsterdam
The Chapel House, Amersfoort
Gallery Tambaran, Deventer
Nouvelles Images, The Hague
Cooper Hewitt museum, New York
Mythology Gallery, New York
Gallery Lous Martin, Delft
Gallery Zand Zee Silver, Scheveningen
Gallery Cecile van Eeden, Eindhoven and Maastricht

Gallery Hoogenbosch, Gorredijk
Gallery De Molen, Wassenaar
Gallery AllesKan | Art room number 8, Jubbega
Gallery De Oude Apotheek, Zutphen
Sfx in:
Genesis the 1975 Tour

Have mercy Jet, director Frans Weisz
De Lift, director Dik Maas
Burning love 1983, directed by Ate de Jong
Sweeties, mama is angry, directed by Ruud van Hemert
The 4th man, directed by Paul Verhoeven
The evenings, directed by Rudolf van den Berg
The homecoming of Odysseus, directed by Jan Keja
Bruin Goud, directed by Jonne Severijn
Freek: various feature films and performances
Museum Naturalis Leiden, various moving schools
Belvedere Museum. fountain, Heerenveen


Dear Leo Cahn,

I must say I am a big fan of your art.
I have bought the first item which has signature of you in the gallery in Delft.
Unfortunately it has been closed.
And today, I have bought the ring 'screwed' which is very refined yet very engineering-design.
I purchased it in the gallery in Eindhoven, Cecile van Eeden.
I admire the machinery aesthetic of your work which blends technique and beauty.
It looks as it comes from another galaxy.
I am in profession an architect and a researcher in TU Delft. I wanted to pass my admire to your work with this e-mail.

Esra B.