just a few of the works
  • Keystone

     Three parts, and a Ruby bullet Made of hardened silver plate Original design 1968 This version dates from 2001 And is my first computer-milled workpiece Edition of 25 pieces

  • NineBolls

    9Bolls Cool model of the mysterious recycled Magnesium.

    The 9-Balls design is guaranteed to be autonomous. (of course has nothing to do with Billiards) and is very portable! 

    Design 2003

    edition +/– 50

  • Simplex

    simple model made by 3d printing out of inox steel. The stone a Zirconia is lab grown, also a modern sort of 3d print

  • Medieval Model

    Magnesium ring

  • Duo3

    3d printed Inox gilded Zirconia